Hebert’s Slaughter House in Abbeville, Louisiana = B Rated Boudin

Boudin Rouge Folks!!!!

Blood Boudin Boudin Rouge

A link of boudin rouge from Hebert’s Slaughter House and Meat Market in Abbeville, LA

Location: 7630 West LA Hwy. 338, Abbeville, LA 70510

Ambiance: Step back in time at Hebert’s Slaughter House and Meat Market where, about a mile outside of Abbeville, you’ll smell the sweet stench of cow pies blowing in from the surrounding pastures as you enter the quaint wood frame structure with a low-slung roof.  Inside this unassuming building it is all business. On one side of the work area a skilled butcher guides large chunks of meat into the blade of a buzzing band saw. At a table in the center, several men adeptly carve meat into steaks and chops of all categories. At the counter a woman serves the line of customers.


Come to Herbert’s for an opportunity to sample a classic old-school recipe white and red boudin.  Yes, folks, this is one of the few remaining locations where you can still get BOUDIN ROUGE/RED BOUDIN/BLOOD BOUDIN!  This is what past generations grew up on and when government health regulations caught up to some of Louisian’s traditional foodways in the 1980s it mostly fell by the wayside.  The law still allows for the production of red boudin but the establishment must not acquire the blood second-hand.  As a slaughter house Hebert’s has an ample supply and they put some of it to good use making dark, rich, dense links of boudin rouge.

Hebert's Boudin

Red and White Boudin from Hebert’s in Abbeville.

The Boudin Rouge – This dense link is mild in spice but super rich in flavor.  Initially it is tasty and smooth with a well blended mixture of rice and meat.  It is hard to discern any onions or greens because of the dark color throughout the link.  The flavor finishes with a distinct and slightly metallic flavor that is something you might not want to dwell on while eating.

The White Boudin – This link is sort of on the mushy side with a nice medium heat and clean flavor studded by black pepper.  There’s more rice than meat and very few onions or green onions.  I think we’d best describe this as a fairly complex, old world, flavor.  Quite delicious.

Interior of Boudin

Side by side comparison of the white and red boudin.


Interior shot of Hebert’s Boudin.

We highly recommend that you get down to Abbeville to give both these tasty links a try!!


The not-so-happy link lady at Heber’ts.


Hebert’s Slaughter House in Abbeville, Louisiana. Some old-world boudin to be eaten.


– Reviewed September 2015