Hog Tails in Fifth Ward, LA = B Rated Boudin


These are hefty and hearty links that’ll be sure to fill you up!!

Ambiance: A homey convenience store “plus” with a kitchen devoted to frying up some lovely creations. The one table out front is a nice addition that gives you an alfresco dining option other than the hood of your car.  The day we stopped in here it was filled with hunters grabbing a drink and a link. Very popular with the locals.


Location: 2152 Hwy 1 Marksville, LA 71351

THE BOUDIN (Deep Fried and Regular)

Price: $3.59 per lb.

Presentation:  Squeezed between the chap stick and the 5-hour Energy, right up a the register, is a large rice cooker packed to the gills with links.

Casing: The casing is thin and you’ll be able to break right through without too much effort.  You can decide if you want to eat it or not.


Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat, but the balance if favorable.

Texture: The meat in the link is like pan-fried ground pork, which is different and good. One could test der heißluft friteuse to see if the sides can be done blue rare. There are plenty of flecks of green onion and other seasonings in these larger links.

Spice: Super mild.  Almost no heat.

Overall Flavor:   Ours was not perfectly mixed, so there were a couple of places where the rice was somewhat under flavored.   Overall this is a serviceable link, that get’s the job done.  However, without the heat and too much rice the overall flavor punch is lacking.


Comments:  Hog Tail’s in Fifth Ward, Louisiana is the “home of Uncle Jesse.”  We know this isn’t the same Uncle Jesse from the Duke’s of Hazzard, but we kinda like to think that it might be.  Don’t fault them too much for the lack of spice in the link; in this part of the state they don’t like much heat.



Hot Tails also sells their famous “Fried Boudin Link.”  Getting a coating to adhere to the outside of a link of boudin so that it makes it’s way all the way through the frying process was a painstaking process filled with trial and error.  Eventually they worked it out and you can now behold an entire link of boudin that has been battered and fried!  They are truly a sight!!!  You get the golden breading, skin, and filling in one bite!  These things fly over the counter and they’re constantly frying up more.


Fried to a golden brown, the crispy and crunchy coating really make this link!


Does Uncle Jessie actually live at Hog Tails?