In Laws Cajun Specialties in Iowa, Louisiana = A Rated Boudin


Boudin in Iowa?  Iowa, Louisiana that is!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: 1121 Lowe Grout Road (Hwy 383), Iowa, LA 70647, (Interstate 10 Exit 43), Phone: 337-391-7004

Ambiance: Wow.  The In-Laws really made a commitment here with this store.  Gleaming new and ready to serve you!  Roomy and cofortable with a looooooong counter, there’s not a lot to the inside, but there’s plenty of room and plenty of dining options to choose from.  Step up, order one of everything (though it’s is not really possible to eat it all), and let the feasting begin!

A Trifecta of Boudin: Smoked, Regular, and Jalapeno!

A Trifecta of Boudin: Smoked, Regular, and Smoked with Pepper-Jack Cheese!


They’re cooking up a whole mess’o boudin here at In Laws Cajun Specialties.  A partial list of the boudin items you can sample includes:

  • Regular Boudin
  • Regular Smoked Boudin
  • Smoked Pepper Jack Boudin
  • Boudin Balls
  • Pepper Jack Boudin Balls
  • Pepper Jack Boudin Roll
  • Crawfish Boudin Roll

AND, on the day we were there they had boudin pinwheels (boudin encircled into puff pastry dough) too!!!!!

Some of the links from In Laws Cajun Specialties.

Some of the links, and the boudin pinwheel, from In Laws Cajun Specialties.

We sampled the regular, smoked, and smoked pepper-jack cheese boudin (along with the pinwheels and the boudin ball) and, oddly, there wasn’t that much difference in flavor from one link to the other. Sure, the cheese was there, but they do a really light smoke on the link to the point where the smoke is only subtlety present.   In every recipe the rice shows up as whole grains of goodness while the spice level is definitely mild.  Holding true to the regional trend, there’s no liver in this link so it loses some of that traditional boudin depth of flavor.  The thing we really like is the sheer variety of foods they offer.  Next time you’re driving through the area be sure to stop in an sample a link or two or three.

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Reviewed – November 2017