Iverstine Farms Boudin in Baton Rouge = B Rated Boudin


Location: 4765 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 – (225) 349-8200

Ambiance:  Slick, clean, modern, and hip.  This high end “Farm-to-Shop” butchery sells meats and sausages from animals raised on their own highly managed land.  The pasture raised process employed by Iverstine Farms certainly produces some of the most exquisite meats around and their attention to the finer points of animal husbandry is evident in this cool shop.  You’ll have to get the boudin cold or frozen since the only food they serve to eat on the spot is a selection of sandwiches and other lunch bites.


The Boudin


— @ $8.50 per lb, this is some premium priced boudin.  Producing Heritage Pork (even Heritage Pork organs) is a costly endeavor so the price is warranted.  But, does the flavor match the price?  We tend to think not.  We get the “use the whole animal” ethos and appreciate their advocacy for the “hogness” of the hog, but here the boudin recipe produces a link that is dry and lacking a porky flavor punch.  There’s a lot of meat, dots of liver throughout and a deep flavor generated from all those organs; it’s just that the deep flavor is a little muddled.  It’s a semi-spicy link with notes of black pepper and whole grains of rice specked with parsley but a dearth of onion.  We think you’re missing out if you don’t stop by this butcher to pick up some pork chops to throw on your grill so you can experience the distinctly delicious pork they’re raising.  While  you’re there grab a pack of boudin to make as an appetizer and let us know what you think.


We tossed our links on the grill and cooked them over low heat to prevent them from bursting.  The result was a crisp casing that snapped open to reveal the well seasoned interior.