JD’s Market and Deli in Maurice, LA = A+ Rated Boudin

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Location: 7778 Johnston St., Maurice, LA 70555

Ambiance: On the outskirts of Maurice, this small green building occupies the former site of a tiny slaughter house. The bathrooms are outside and the parking lot is small. But, inside is where the fun is: Specialty meats or all sorts, a friendly proprietor, and happy locals who know as much about Cajun music as they do about Cajun meats.


A couple of locals (brothers in fact) sharing a bag of cracklin on a Sunday morning. This is the type of ambiance we are looking for: Good old boys who know where to get the good food.



Cost: $2.79 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a small piece of wax paper then wrapped in a giant section of butcher paper. Eat it there or take it away.

Casing: Crisp (stretched to capacity). Sublime.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Meat, meat, meat. Plenty of meat accompanied by tasty kernels of rice through and through.

Texture: The meat is pulverized and delicious. The whole link is bursting with ingredients that are semi dry . . . . . but NOT too dry. Green onions still have some snap to them. Yum.

Spices: Medium

Overall Taste: Fantastic. An authentic “Cajun taste.” This is an expertly prepared link. In addition to being huge in size it is huge in flavor. Plenty of pork, just right on the rice, nice onions and such, well colored. It is inspired.

Comments: This is the thickest link of boudin we’ve encountered. It must have extra paprika in it because it has a delightful red color. The owner, John, has been running meat shops in the area for over 20 years and he has learned a thing or two about making a good link. He told us that it is all about “formulations” when it comes to the ingredients. We don’t know anything about formulating, but he clearly does. Oh, and the hot cracklin were outstanding too. Be sure to check out his business card and sign for some disturbing/funny anthropomorphic food cartoons.

Reviewed on 12/11/05