JD’s Market in Abbeville = B Rated Boudin



Ambiance: A good location in the center of Abbeville. Inside the offerings are rather sparse. A small rice cooker should hold some links and a little tub of cracklin offers another snack option. The meat case and freezer are tiny yet understocked.

Location: 100 St. Charles Street, Abbeville, LA 70510



Price: $3.69 lb.

Presentation: It should come from the rice cooker/steamer on the counter, but my link was warmed in the back (in a microwave?) and brought to the front to be wrapped in foil.

Casing: A thin casing that seemed rubbery but actually broke without much pressure. The vessel has multiple little strands of rubbery casing attached and they detract from the link’s visual appeal.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: Moist. Not dry and not wet. The rice grains are small (some are whole and some are broken) but they were undercooked. You can feel the little spot of undercooked rice as you chew. The meat is of the pulverized variety and the filling is punctuated every now and then with a piece of green onion.

Spice: Mild

Overall Flavor: This mild link has a decent flavor and a good meat to rice ratio. Its red color hints at a spiciness which does not come through.

Comments: This is a new location & a new owner for JD’s. Up until this time it had been located just outside of Maurice. That little green store is still there, but it is only a production kitchen for the products now sold in Abbeville. The recipes were passed from JD (who prided himself on formulations) to the new owner. Since a recipe is only part of the cooking process, the link deserved a new review. You can access the old review of the former JD’s here.


Reviewed November 2010