Jewel’s Quick Stop in Oakdale Louisiana = B Rated Boudin


Ambiance: Nestled on a side street in the small town of Oakdale you’ll find a simple corner-type store selling groceries and other necessities to the neighborhood residents.  It is a hustling and bustling place where people pop in and out with everything from cold drinks to hot links and specialty meats to laundry detergent.  Boudin isn’t the main show at Jewel’s but it isn’t easy to come by a homemade link in this neck of the woods and we suggest you give Jewel’s a shot.

Location: 406 East Jackson Street, Oakdale, LA 71463— (318) 335-1294




Price: $3.89 per lb.

Presentation:  Hearty links will be wrapped tightly and sent across the counter to you.  Order at the front of the store and don’t hesitate or the locals might get antsy.

Casing: We’re talking a thick casing on this link; Try as you might, squeezing will be your best method of consumption with this one.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.  You get plenty of meat, but recipe tends toward the rice.

Texture: Dry and sticky with pulverized meat and lots of dried parsley adhering to whole grains of rice.

Spice/Heat: Medium

Overall Flavor:   This is a SERVICEABLE LINK!  Filling and quite tasty.  You’ll get your money’s worth with a link from Jewel’s.  There is enough meaty, porky, goodness to offset the large amount of rice and the spices are muted but satisfying.

Comments:  Oakdale is a bit off the beaten path but if you find yourself out there then we think you should try one of the only homemade links around.  Let us know what you think.

Reviewed – November 2014