Kartchner’s Grocery in Krotz Springs, LA = A+ Boudin

You’re going to to love this location along the boudin trail!!!!  Krotz Springs.  Yes, Krotz Springs.  There are 1,200 lucky people living in Krotz Springs who have easy access to some fantastic boudin at Kartchner’s Grocery.  Lucky them!

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Ambiance:  Krotz Springs isn’t very big, but this Cajun meat market and grocery store has an astounding array of specialty items: everything from crab cakes to spinach and cheese stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon!  It is all sealed and frozen, or in the refrigerator, for you to take home and cook.  The interior of the building is perfectly rustic with thick plywood floors that give it a homemade feel.  And, since you’re there for homemade food, . . . . . it is an ideal ambiance.

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Location/Contact: 24562 Hwy 190, Krotz Springs, La 70750 — (337) 566-0529 —- Monday – Saturday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm; Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Price:$3.99 per pound.

Presentation:  There is a meat case in the back of the store, but you get your hot links at the front counter/register where there is a steamer that is briming with delicious links that will be cut and put into a paper “boat” for you to take out to your car or to the table on the front porch.

Casing: Once cut, the filling is literally spilling out of the casing, practically begging to be eaten.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Tons of meat in this link.  The rice joins the party, but this is a meaty melange.

Kartchners Boudin_6

Texture: The loose filling on this wet link is is teaming with chunks of meat and ground meat that overtakes the rice.

Spice: Medium

Overall Flavor:   Hands down one of the best links in the state.  There is a ton of flavor packed into this link and all the requisite components are there to satisfy the most discerning boudin critic.  As the first squeeze passes onto your tongue, your mouth is enveloped in the unctuous smoothness of this link’s blended flavors.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Comments:  In addition to boudin we loved, Kartchner’s boasts a super friendly front counter staff.  In particular Yvonne (or was it Yevette) went out of her way to offer us Krotz Springs style hospitality.  She even drew us a map to the location of her camp where we could go to check out some alligators!  Thanks!  Oh, and she also turned us on to the cream cheese and jalepeno stuffed boudin balls which she correctly identified as being “addictive like crack.” [Not that we've ever been addicted to . . . . . or even tried . . . . . . crack.]  However, as I sit here and type this entry all I can think about is getting another one of those boudin balls into my belly.  Here’s a separate write-up on the cream cheese and jalapeno stuffed boudin ball.

Kartchner Boudin Yvonne

Ask for Yvonne. She’s super nice and really helpful!

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Reviewed: May 2013