Kuzan’s Market Fresh Meat in Baton Rouge = B- Rated Boudin


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Ambiance: A clean and upscale market that sells meat and food prepared exclusively at the family’s store and slaughter house in Eunice, Louisiana. They offer a wide variety of quality meats and their butcher will cut to order whatever you might need. Stuffed chickens, beans and andouille, whole rabbits, whole pigs, meat loaf, bacon wrapped stuff, seasoned steaks, it is all here and it is all shipped in from Eunice. The trouble is, if you don’t drive to Eunice then you’ll miss out on the Mowata Store and that is a shame. You can also pick up some wine and a selection of other items at Kuzan’s to make your dinner go off without a hitch.

Location: 17002 Jefferson Hwy A, Baton Rouge, LA 70817.

The Boudin

The boudin that is sold at this market is made at the family’s Eunice Superette and Slaughter House. As such, the review of that boudin at that location should translate to this boudin. Here, they do not have it hot and ready for on-the-spot consumption.

Eunice Superette and Slaughter House Boudin Review


Reviewed January 2008