Leroy’s Cajun Meats in Ville Platte, Louisiana = A Rated Boudin

Location: 1231 W Main St, Ville Platte, LA 70586  — They’re open seven days a week from 7-7.  (337) 363-2231


Look at those mounds of fresh links just waiting to be steamed and eaten.

Ambiance: This Cajun meat market on the outskirts of Ville Platte is a perfect example of the strength of our local meat culture.  It is like a convenience store for the meat needy.  Meat might be strewn about as they go through a frenzied production of boudin and all sorts of specialty meats here in the smoked meat capital of Louisiana. We love this little stop!


The outside of Leroy’s Cajun Meats in Ville Platte, Louisiana



That is one tasty and hearty link of boudin.

Cost: $4.29 lb.

Presentation: The meat master behind the counter will hook you up with a steaming link that he’ll pull from a steaming rice cooker and then slice in half or thirds.

Casing: A thin and crisp casing that snaps with just a slight bite.

Rice/Meat Ratio: LOTS of MEAT!!!!!!

Texture: A loosely packed filling that’ll spill from the casing. It is moist but not too much so and the chunks of meat are held in place by expertly cooked grains of rice. Add to this the crisp green onion and a nice peppery zing and this is a link that is sure to please on all fronts.

Spices: Medium

Overall Taste: Phenomenal.  We’ve been looking for a great link of boudin in Ville Platte and this is it.  There are some other places nearby, but if you’re right there in Ville Platte then this is the spot to hit.  The porky punch is super hearty and satisfying and you really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Cajun Boudin

Cajun Boudin Absolutely Packed Full of Meat!



Reviewed: June 2014