Luke’s Specialty Meats in Ville Platte, LA = C Rated Boudin


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Location: 209 Tate Cove Road, Ville Platte, LA

Ambiance: An unexpected meat market in a former gas station/convenience store. One might classify the ambiance here as functional. They sell a variety of grocery items, some liquor, spices and such, and there is a medium sized meat case and butcher area in the back.



Cost: $2.49 lb.

Presentation: At the meat counter a cherubic young man will serve up your link in a pieces of butcher paper.

Casing: Definetly on the chewy side of the spectrum.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat (if liver counts as meat) than rice. Where is the rice?

Texture: A conglomeration of meaty, grayish, material. A texture unlike any other. The only way to describe it is to compare it to liverwurst: It approaches the texture of liverwurst.

Spice: Mild

Overall Taste: If you like liver then this is the link for you. A sweet livery taste permeates every morsel. If this sounds good to you then, well, then we have different pallets.

Comments: Momma always said, “if you can’t say anything good, then don’t say anything at all.”


Reviewed on 1/7/06