M and S Grocery’s Alligator Boudin = B Rated Boudin

M S Alligator Boudin_3

Three links of freshly grilled alligator boudin from the M & S Grocery.

Location: 2720 Louisiana Avenue, Lafayette, LA 70501  — (337) 235-3941

Ambiance:  This little corner store on the North side of Lafayette should be on everyone’s map when it comes to getting a good link.  These are hard working folks making their own plate lunches, sandwiches, specialty meats, and boudin.


We have to start by noting that the only meat in the alligator boudin at M & S Grocery is alligator.  No filler or flavorizer meat here. However, the actual pieces of alligator are few and far between.  There’s a lot of rice in this here link!  Is it tasty?  Yes indeed!  It is tasty.  There is a creamy tomato base mixed into the rice and alligator filling.  While the rice is super plentiful the alligator only comes in chunks here and there.  The upside to the link is that when you get a piece of meat you know that it is alligator.  So, if the novelty of eating gator suits your fancy then you’ll be happy.  Unfortunately alligator meat is always fairly bland on its own and so you’re sort of paying almost $8 lb for nicely flavored rice.  Still, if you’re looking for a fun tasty link to serve this one definitely fits the bill.

M S Alligator Boudin_4

Your reward is a nice chunk of alligator.

Allligator on the Grill

We threw our links on the grill and slowly heated them up.