Mad LuAnn’s Acadiana Melt – Boudin Sandwich


There is it folks: The Acadiana Melt. Another entry in the boudin/grilled cheese category that is exploding across S. Louisiana.


Mad LuAnn’s entered the Lafayette food truck scene with a menu that focuses on sliders and sandwiches. You can find the truck at various spots around town and you can connect with them through their FB page or their website.

ASSESSMENT – Mad LuAnn is not an angry woman at all.  Just the opposite:  she is quite pleasant and possessing of a warm smile and a natural friendliness.   This food truck boasts of using local and fresh ingredients to create a menu of “old favorites and new specialties.”  In the case of the Acadiana Melt you get a grilled cheese between two small slices of French bread.  The cheese is listed as “cheddar  & pepper jack” and the boudin comes from Lagneaux’s Meat Market in Lafayette.  It was hard do distinguish the white cheddar from the pepper-jack, but there was a respectable amount of cheese between the slices.  The bread, having been generously buttered before its stint on the flat-top, is nice and crispy.  Lagneaux’s boudin is not one of our favorites as a stand-alone link, but it works in this sandwich where its rich boudin flavor is counterbalanced by the bread and cheese.  In fact, the ratio of boudin-to-bread-to-cheese is perfect. Overall this is a tasty little morsel (emphasis on the little) with its only shortcoming being that it is too dry. 

PRICE:  The price of the plate is $7.50!  Whoa!!!!  You get two SMALL discs of sandwich and a handful of potato chips.  We appreciate that these food trucks have to find price points that work for them, but for that price we’d expect FOUR discs of sandwich.  As it stands, the portion is basically that of an appetizer and not a lunch.  


Interior view of the Acadiana Melt. Good but at little dry and not big enough.

The idea of combining boudin into a grilled cheese was invented at Johnson’s Boucaniere in Lafayette.  In their award winning “Parrain Special” they merge a smashed boudin ball and a shot of homemade bbq sauce into their signature grilled cheese.  It is delicious, moist, and unexpected. 


Mad LuAnn has a menu of fun and tasty items. Find them around Lafayette.