Martin Meats in Alexandria, LA = C Rated Boudin

Martin Meats Boudin_1Ambiance: A solid and colorful cinder block structure reveals a long meat counter inside with more specialty packs of meats than anyone else in the state. They’re an old fashioned meat shop that has been in business since 1975.  Along with an enormous meat case they carry a selection of other grocery items, seasoning blends, and cold drinks.  Their specialties include:Beef Tongue, Chicken Feet, Hog Mows, Chicken Backs & Necks, Beef Tripe, Pig Ears, Pig Tails, Fresh Ham Hocks, Chicken Hearts, Beef Melt, Hog Heads, and Pork Chitterlings.

Martin Meats Boudin_4      Location: 2017 Lee Street Alexandria, LA 71301-6015 — (877) 603-0075 — Martin Meats

THE BOUDIN – Smoked and Regular

Budan Sasuage

Price: $3.59 per lb

Presentation:  Spot your links at the front of the store in a glassed in warmer and then have the butcher wrap the tiny little buggers up for you in butcher paper.  Our two links only cost $1.38!!!!!

Casing:  The crispiest casing we’ve ever encountered.  In fact it was so thin and brittle that it broke at the very touch.


Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.

Martin Meats Boudin_7

Texture: So, it seemed that these links had probably been around most of the day. The interior was really starchy and it was hard to tell the difference between the mouth feel of rice kernels and the meat.

Spice: MILD

Martin Meats Boudin_6

Spicy or Regular?

Overall Flavor:   Starchy and fairly bland. We had one link of smoked and one of regular boudin, but we couldn’t tell the difference between the two of them.  Even in the picture we can’t tell which might be the smoked link.  Oh well, there’s something going on in these links, we’re just not sure what it is or if we want to be a part of it.

Martin Meats Boudin_3

Mr. Martin himself. Word to the wise: This store is protected!

Comments:  Take us back to Alexandria and we’ll give these links another try.  Maybe we got them on a bad day. ?  The owner, and butcher, and counter folks were all really kind and the revolving cast of locals were interesting and talkative.  This is a neighborhood type place filled with neighborhood folks.

Martin Meats Boudin_2

The links at the front of the store!

Reviewed: March 2013