Menard and Miller Grocery and Specialty Meats in Cankton, LA = B Rated Boudin


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Location: 792 Main Street, Sunset, LA 70584

Ambiance: You’ll be in the country for this one. Enjoy the ride, watch the cows, check out the crawfish towers, but don’t speed. A nice, well worn, store with pleasant workers. They were swatting flies behind the meat counter when we arrived, so we knew it was a clean workspace. They also sell a surprisingly large selection of nails and fasteners (as well as car batteries) right at, or below) the meat counter. Selling a large selection of homemade meat products, their beef jerky is legendary for its tender meat and smoky taste. — THIS LOCATION IS NOW CLOSED!


Cost: $2.69 lb.

Presentation: Packed inside a Styrofoam clamshell. Sold at the register, not the meat counter.

Casing: A respectable casing with a little snap to the bite.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of rice and meat.

Texture: A dry and flexible filling where the rice and meat are separate from one another. While there was a little pool of grease in the bottom of the container, the filling was not greasy at all.

Spices: A subtle, medium, spiciness. Some saltiness.

Overall Taste: Tasty. Good, meaty, pork pieces without much fat. Small bits of green onion blend together with the filling and go almost unnoticed. Pork flavor abounds.

Comments: This is a great country stop for boudin. It is on the same road as both Best Stop and Romero’s so we encourage you to check out all three and sample some darn good boudin. Thanks to the several people, Leslie, Gervis, and Kajungirl, who sent us here.


Reviewed on 5/8/04