Menard’s Cajun Grocery in Duson, LA = A Rated Boudin


Menard’s Cajun Grocery (Formerly Don’s Country Corner and Formerly Mike’s Country Corner) in Duson, Louisiana.

Location: 7499 Cameron Street, Duson, LA

Ambiance: This is a classic country corner store; well worn and still serving its purpose (and then some).  It is a convince store like before convenience stores were corporate gas stations plus.  Of course in addition to cold drinks and other staples they sell an array of tasty prepared foods from boudin balls to meat pies and plate lunches.



There’s a new link in town and you should head over to grab a few as soon as you can.  Meaty, ricey, porky goodness is stuffed into the casing at Menard’s in Duson.  This used to be Mike’s Country Corner (and you may even remember that it was Don’s Country Corner before that!).  Little has changed over the years but the links seem to just keep getting better!  These babies are huge and loosely fitted. They pack a ton of meaty flavor and just the right spicy zing.  It has everything you want and nothing you don’t!


These links are HUGE and filling!  The owner, Don Menard, uses a family recipe dating back over 30 years and he’s worked hard to perfect it.  We must say, these links serve as a anchor for this classic, off-the-beaten-path, corner store.  Check it out!


Inside Menard’s Cajun Grocery.

——- Reviewed September 2015