Menard’s Specialty Meats in Opelousas = A+ Rated Boudin


Opbou  porkpic

Location: 429 S Bullard St , Opelousas, LA 70570

Ambiance: Not-quite-ramshackle. This is certainly a “locals” sort of place. You’re not going to get all your shopping done here, but you can get a link and a soft-serve cone at the counter. What more does anyone really need anyway?



Price: $2.99 lb.

Casing: Perfect.

Presentation: Plucked from a giant rice cooker and wrapped in a thick piece of butcher paper.

Texture: Dry and dense (but not too dry at all). Notice the picture of the link: When it was cut in half all of the innards remained in place. That is a well textured link.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Meat meat. Rice rice. A nice combination of the two essentials. Probably more meat than rice.

Spices: Hot

Overall Taste: Well balanced flavor with a hint of black pepper. Your mouth will delight in the meaty punch delivered in each bite. Very, very, very tasty. Yum!

Comments: Coach T pronounced this one of the best links he’s ever eaten. Impressive! When we arrived the boudin maker was in the process of slicing up large chunks of pork for his next batch. He said that quality meat was the key to a good product. Who can argue with that? Who would ever argue with a man wielding a sharp butcher knife?


Reviewed on 3/22/06