Nenaine Special – Boudin Breakfast Sandwich – Johnsons in Lafayette, Louisiana


The Nenaine Special – Boudin Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

 Behold the Nenaine Special; Acadiana’s go-to breakfast sandwich!  When Johnson’s Boucaniere decided to start offering breakfast we hoped and dreamed they’d offer a breakfast version of their game-changing Parrain Special (the epic  boudin stuffed grilled cheese with bbq sauce).  Well, Johnson’s did not disappoint!  A light and fluffy biscuit is filled with a huge boudin patty, American cheese, and a touch of their homemade bbq sauce.  The sandwich is then griddled to crunchy perfection.  The egg is an add-on to this sandwich, but it is breakfast after all.  So, for the love of the link . . . . . . make sure to add the egg!!!

This is a substantial sandwich and it hits on all marks.  The biscuit is super flaky and the sticky egg yoke mixes with the boudin and cheese to for a really decadent-yet-homey twist on the breakfast biscuit.  Johnson’s classic boudin recipe is fairly dense and, while it stands out on its own as an excellent link, it also works exceedingly well  as a stuffing.  This has, of course, already been proven with both the Parrain Special and their boudin burger, but here the boudin patty is even more substantial as it needs to compliment the biscuit.  The nature of a biscuit is that it’ll be somewhat dry so the bbq sauce and the egg yolk add just the right amount of additional moisture to balance out all the strengths of this winner.


Location: 1111 St. John Street, Lafayette, LA 70501 — Contact: 337-269-8878; – Hours: Tues-Fri, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm; Sat., 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Cost: $4.25 plus $1.25 for the egg  (ADD THE EGG!)