Range Brothers’ Heritage Pork Boudin with Wild Rice = A


Ambiance: The shop where the boudin was purchased is the Prather Ranch Meat Co. located in the Ferry Building Markets in San Francisco. The ambiance of this market place is upscale and gourmet. It is a truly fantastic place with lots to offer in the way of gourmet foods and gifts. Awesome! The meat market sells a great selection of organic and heritage meats that all looked tasty.

Location: Prather Ranch Meat Co. is located in at One Ferry Plaza, Shop #32 on the Embarcadero. San Francisco, CA 94111


RangeBrothers1Price: $6.99 for about 12 oz.

Presentation: Frozen in a four link package.

Casing: Thick.

Texture: Densely packed and primarily meat. The rice (wild) is an extra/bit player to the overall texture of the link. More aptly called pork sausage with some wild rice. Essentially no green onion, parsley, or green pepper in the link either.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Mostly meat with maybe 10-15% rice.

Spices: Medium/Hot – This link has a nice heat to it, but it is not overpowering.

Overall Flavor: A tasty link of sausage with a hint of sweetness and a little smoke. Seems like it would be a really good breakfast sausage or one as an accompaniment to another dish. The wild rice does not seem to add much to the sausage and it does not coalesce into the overall integrity of the link.

Comments: One look at the ingredients (pork, cooked wild rice, organic whole milk, eggs, brown sugar, sea salt, black pepper, spices . . . . and so on) and you’ll know that this is not going to be boudin the way we expect it in Louisiana. BUT they call it boudin. hmmmmmm. It does have pork and rice. Perhaps it is a California “Tribute” to boudin. Yeah, that’s it. (In fact, with the milk in it, this link includes ingredients found in traditional French boudin blanc.) The good news is that it is a darn tasty little link of sausage. Kind of sweet, kind of smoky, kind of spicy. Very tasty. Heck, I ate three links at 10:00 PM in my hotel room in Santa Rosa. Oh, and it is made with the prized Berkshire pig The nice guy at the market in San Francisco where I bought the links explained to me that it is a pig the way pigs were meant to be pigs back in jolly old England. I think that means, in part, that it is fat and tasty.

OVERALL RATING: “A” for good sausage

Blurry photos the result of single-use digital camera.  Ugh!!  Hopefully I’ll get new ones some day.

Reviewed June 2007