Rascal’s Cajun Express in Duson = A+ Rated Boudin


Two succulent links from Rascal’s Cajun Express

Ambiance: Step into this SHOP-RITE and you may be surprised to find an appealing hot food stand selling top rate  links of HOMEMADE BOUDIN. The fairly new Shop-Rite just outside of Duson doesn’t offer much in the way of “ambiance:” it is a large truck-stop/convenience store with all the expected sundries.  However, smack in the middle of the store is Rascal’s and it stands out like a beacon of deliciousness.  The workers are a little more helpful and motivated and the design is great.  They even have a fake fire under the pot of cracklin (nice touch)!


They’ve done a good job with the set-up here at Rascal’s.

Location: 133 Frontage Rd, Rayne, Louisiana 70578 (inside the Shop-Rite — Closer to Duson than to Rayne) — (337) 873-8331



Price: $3.69 per lb.

Presentation:  Rascal’s has two large rice cookers in the food prep area and that’s where they’ll heat your links up and then wrap them in butcher paper.  You gotta pay at the register across the store after you get your food from the Rascal.

Casing: The casing on this loosely packed link is thin and breaks easily.  It’s fairly pliable.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice  — though the balance is favorable.

Texture: The filling in the casing is sort of relaxed . . . .that is to say it is loose and moist.  It is also chock-full of whole grains of rice and chunks of pork in various stages of shred.

Spice/Heat: Medium

Overall Flavor:   This is a GREAT LINK!  It is really juicy and full of flavor.  The texture of the rice and the pork combine with the lushness of the juice to offer an easy to eat link.  There is plenty of fresh green onion, specks of black pepper, and a balance that we haven’t found in a long time.

Comments:  The legend of the “best boudin” being found in gas stations is not always as accurate as many folks believe, but here you’ll find a first-rate link right in the middle of a giant gas station.  We suspect that some of the other food they’re preparing here at the Cajun Express is also great because if you’re putting this much passion into your boudin, well, you’re probably firing on all your culinary cylinders. We say give this place a try!


It isn’t much to look at from outside, but inside you’ll find a great spot for homemade boudin.


You might want to try some of Rascal’s daily specials.

Reviewed January 2014