These recipes are provided as a service so people from outside Louisiana can bring a little down-home Louisiana cooking and some true Cajun dishes to their own tables. The recipes have been selected and tested in order to ensure that even the “untrained” Louisianian may achieve culinary success.

Boudin King Cake - Must be seen and tasted to be believed! (with pictures)

Triple Stuffed Peppers with Boudin - Must be seen to be believed! (with pictures)

Boudin PIZZA!! (with pictures)

Boudin Pancakes (with pictures)

Smoked Boudin Stuffed Pork Loin (with pictures)

Boudin Stuffed Green Peppers (with pictures)

Classic Cajun Boudin

Boudin Scramble

Boudin Omelet

Boudin Sandwich




Steak, Rice, & Gravy (with pictures)

Pork Smothered w/ Sausage (with pictures)

Catfish A La Flat Top (with pictures)

Award Winning Gumbo (coming – SOON)

Crawfish Etouffee In the Style of the Champions (December 2009)



Jalapeno Salsa (Phenomenal) [with pictures]

Bruschetta (tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil) [with pictures]


Recipes are being tested and added regularly.

Useful and Important Louisiana Cooking Terms, Techniques, & Tips

Ingredients and Products – Most of these recipes can be easily made outside of Louisiana. The main ingredients are common (or suitable substitutes can be found) and the spices and such can usually be bought locally or ordered for delivery. suggests:


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Spices – Cajun food does not neeed to be “hot.” It frequently has some “heat” from cayenne in the spice blend that people typically use. But it need not be mouth-burning to be real.

Spice Blends – Virtually every country store and many companies have their own spice blend. While they are all different in some way, they are essentially seasoned salt. So, when you use them you are salting and flavoring the food. Here are a list of some of the many spice blends with notes on those that are more readily available outside of Louisiana and suggestions for ordering others.  Check out our SPICE PAGE here!

Slap Ya Mamma – This is what you say about something that is really tasty and took a lot of work and love to produce: “Man, that is ‘slap your mamma’ good!” It is also the name of a delightful spice blend.

Peppered – “Hot” How hot is something? Another way of asking about the heat in a dish is to inquire if it is “peppered.” Folks are really inquiring about the level of cayenne pepper in a dish.

Smothered – Cooking something “down” (long andd low – - – -like for 1.5 to 2 hours or more) and thereby creating tender meat and a rich gravy.

Magnalite – A preferred and time honored brand of pots and pans in Cajun Country and beyond. Still available. Essentially a heavy alluminum cookware. A key in Cajun cooking is often making sure that you do not use non-stick. The crisping and browning that happens on the bottom of a pan (and that does not happen in a non-stick) is part of the flavor profile that develops in Cajun cooking (any real cooking for that matter).