Boudin Pancakes (Recipe)

You’re going to want to try this one for special occasions and to really impress the boudin lover(s) in your family.  The sticky sweet Steen’s coats the boudin laden pancake and the melting butter brings it all together!
Boudin Pancakes_1

This one is easy folks. Just get your hands on a couple of links of your favorite boudin and a can of Steens (or maple syrup would work well too)!

Boudin Pancakes_2

Make sure to remove the boudin from the casing and crumble it up. You’ll want to have it ready to go so that you can get it into the pancake right after you pour the batter on the griddle.

Boudin Pancakes_3

Make sure to use plenty of boudin. We suggest that you NOT mix the boudin into the wet pancake batter; just sprinkle it in.  But, you’ve got to work fast as those pancakes don’t take long to cook.

Boudin Pancakes_4

Boudin Pancakes_6

Ladies and Gentlemen: We present the BOUDIN PANCAKE!!! ENJOY!!!