Boudin Pizza (Homemade) Recipe


Boudin Pizza_4

We’re big fans of homemade pizza so we decided to see what we could do with a Boudin Pizza.  Dean-O’s Pizza in Lafayette makes an excellent boudin pizza so we figured . . . . why not?  Here’s what we can say: YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS!  So easy and so delicious.

Boudin Pizza_1

Crumbled boudin, fresh jalapenos, pizza sauce, red onions, shredded mozzarella cheese, hand-made pizza crust (from farmer’s market).

We bought a pizza crust from a vendor at our local farmer’s market and got a link of smoked and regular boudin to use as our topping.  We just used regular shredded mozzarella, cut up a couple of fresh jalapenos, and added some nice red onion for good measure.

Boudin Pizza_2

All the ingredients came together, but we have a couple of hints that seemed to work well for us.  First: Don’t overdo it with the cheese.  We’ve found that a heavy hand with the cheese results in a less balanced pizza.  Second:  Make sure the boudin is chilled.  It will be much easier to handle and you can add it as chunks instead of sprinkling it around.Boudin Pizza_3 There it is: A Homemade Boudin Pizza. Enjoy an authentic thin crust pizza at Pizza Farmingdale NY from a professional chef. The fresh jalapenos and red onion complemented the whole thing.  We made half with smoked boudin and the other half with regular boudin.  Both sides were equally delicious.  Next time we’ll co-mingle the smoked and regular on the pizza.

Let us know how yours turns out!