Three Peppers Stuffed with Boudin

Have you ever laid awake at night with thoughts of a pepper stuffed with boudin that was stuffed into a pepper stuffed with boudin that was also stuffed into a pepper with boudin?  We understand!  And, so, we did it!  We present to you the Triple Pepper Stuffed Boudin Extravaganza!

Triple Pepper Boudin_1

We start with three kinds of peppers: Serrano, Anaheim, and Pablano.  Of course we’ve got a few links of smoked boudin, some cheese for topping, and the piece de resistance is Poo Yie Red Pepper Mash (an exquisite, “small batch,” private reserve, pepper sauce made once a year and distributed only to a select few pepper sauce connoisseurs).
Triple Pepper Boudin_2

Serrano, Anaheim, and Pablano peppers.

Core your peppers carefully.  You’ll want as much room in there for the boudin as you can get.  Also, you’ll want to choose your peppers wisely since it can be a bit of a trick to get three peppers into one!  It should go without saying that you have to unlink the boudin in order to get it into the different peppers.  You should also warm it up a bit so that it is nice and crumbly.  We used the eraser end of a pencil to tamp the boudin filling down into the peppers!
Triple Pepper Boudin_3

Boudin Stuffed Peppers

Here they are after baking in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour.  We topped them with the cheese at the very end so it would just melt over the top.
Triple Pepper Boudin_4

The dream became a reality with pepper, boudin, pepper, boudin, pepper, and boudin.

This is a nice cross section of the pepper showing the layers of pepper, boudin, pepper, boudin, pepper, and boudin.  The Serrano goes into the Anaheim which goes into the Pablano.  We stuffed the Serrano before we put into the other peppers because it is pretty narrow and it required a little work to get the boudin packed down inside.
Triple Pepper Boudin_6

These are absolutely fantastic: Boudin Stuffed Triple Peppers!

If you are somehow lucky enough to have some Poo Yie Red Pepper Mash, then by all means this is the time to pour a little over the top of your Boudin Stuffed Triple Pepper Extravaganza.  It is simply awesome!
Triple Pepper Boudin_5

So good.