Romero’s Grocery in Scott, Louisiana = B+ Rated Boudin


Location: 1335 Highway 93 N, Scott, LA 70583

Ambiance: A pleasant country convenience store.  Go to the back of the store by the meat case to order your link. Helpful and friendly staff.




A link of Romero's Cajun Boudin

Cost: $3.49 lb

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper.

Casing: Dry, thin, and extremely breakable.  Almost stretched around the filling.  Excellent for those who eat the casing.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat.  Small pieces of green onion.

Texture: The meat is pulverized/minced nearly into a paste, yet the green onion and rice are not pulverized.  This makes for a unique and quite pleasing texture with the meat actually binding all the ingredients together.  It is almost creamy.

Spices: Very mild.

Overall Taste: Very good taste.  All the flavors blend together.  Not a strong pork flavor.

Comments: This spot is highly recommended.  It is only about a mile past the Best Stop and thus provides an opportunity to taste two very good links in one short outing from Lafayette.

Reviewed on 2/7/04