Roux in Portland, OR = A Rated Boudin



The Boudin is the link closest to the front. The Chaurice is in back and the Andouille is on top.


Ambiance: A chic restaurant in a North Portland neighborhood. It seems casually upscale. The wait staff is friendly and helpful. Outside seating is inviting. The food is “inspired by a love of New Orleans cuisine.” The menu is truly a mouthwatering homage to New Orleans and Louisiana cooking.


Location: 1700 N. Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR 97217



Price: $9 for the “Grilled House-Made Sausages – Andouille, Chaurice, and Boudin Blanc with House Pickles”

Presentation: They say you eat with your eyes first. A wonderful plate with three small links of grilled sausage are accompanied by pickled items, mustard, and horseradish. Nice.

Casing: Grilling always tightens the casing, so this casing was melded to the filling: crisp and tight.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Seemingly no rice. This boudin follows more of a French inspired preparation. It is NOT Cajun Boudin.

Texture: As you can tell from the close-up picture, the filling is of a ground meat mixture . . . . more akin to a smooth bratwurst. All the meat and ingredients come together in one unified team.

Spice: Mild

Overall Flavor: Very good. A clean flavor; mild and pleasing on the pallet. The combination of spices, milk, and meat are delightful.

Comments: Both the other sausages that are included in this appetizer plate are delicious. The Chaurice is not like the ones found in Cajun Country. It has a hint of breakfast-sausage-like flavor to it. It is very good. The Andouille is packed with smoky porky goodness. My ordering here was limited, but everything was tasty and it all points to a creative and quality driven kitchen.


In addition to the Grilled Sausages I ordered a “Cucumber Lime Aid” and a side of Corn Maque Choux. The drink was and interesting and tasty combination . . . . try it for something new and the corn Maque Choux was, hands down, the best I have ever had: spicy, corny, tomatoey, oniony. FANTASTIC!!!

Reviewed January 2008