Shawn’s Cajun Meats in Lafayette = A Rated Boudin


Shawnsoutside Shawnsinside

Location: 2832 Verot School Rd , Lafayette, LA 70508

Ambiance: A new building with an old feel. Step inside and you’ll find a wide array of pre-made Cajun staples: Everything from gumbo, sauce piquant, and Cajun gravy to stuffed breads and fresh meats. It all looks delicious.



Price: $2.99

Casing: Elastic.

Presentation: pulled from a pan where it swims in a bath of hot boudin juices, then placed into a large, multi-sectioned, clamshell better suited for a plate lunch.

Texture: MEAT!!! The texture can best be described as grandma’s pork roast cut up and shoved into a casing. Don’t try to squeeze anything out of the casing: it won’t work because this is a link of chunky pork.

Rice/Meat Ratio: There may be some rice in here, but you’ll have to search for it. Clearly the boudin craftsman who developed this recipe has intentionally chosen to eschew the rice. Well done for those looking for a porky (not a “Porky’s”) experience.

Spices: Mild

Overall Taste: This link compares to none we’ve ever had before because it is so very different. It cannot be stressed enough that at Shawn’s the link is ALL about pork: Braised pork in a casing. No one should confuse this with what is traditionally thought of as a link of boudin. This being said, it is tasty: Very tasty. I’d stop anytime for a link of Shawn’s boudin for lunch.

Comments: For those who’ve been asking about chicken boudin . . . . . . . . . . Shawn’s has it!!! And, we’re happy to report that it is pretty darn good. It too is shy on the rice, but if they hadn’t given a heads-up that it was made with chicken thighs, I might have thought it was a regularish link. Order the chicken boudin without hesitation. We’d love to sample all of their pre-made foods, but until we do, we’ll just have to wonder if it is all as good as the boudin.


Reviewed on January 2006