Shawn’s Super Center in Hessmer, LA = B- Rated Boudin

Shawns Super Center

Shawn’s Super Center reminds us an awful lot like a place in Bunkie called “Jay’s”. Nevertheless — We usually like to take a photo from inside the location as well as the outside, but the curious man behind the counter would not allow it.

Ambiance: This tiny village in Avoyelles Parish is home to just a little over 600 people and Shawn’s is THE place to shop.  They have a little cafe in the back of the store and they make their own boudin too.  The store is super clean and well stocked, so it has everything you need in this type of a stop.  The staff are a bit prickly, but it isn’t a big deal.

Location:4111 East Main Street, Hessmer, LA 71341(318) 597-9940



Price: $1.59 per link. A great price.

Presentation:  Get your homemade link from the little rice cooker at the front of the store where they’ll wrap it in butcher paper for you.

Casing: The casing on this tightly packed link balances on the “eat it or not” fence.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.


Texture: Undercooked grains of rice stand out over the pulverized meat.

Spice: Mild, mild, mild

Overall Flavor:   We liked the long strand of green onion that belied the fresh ingredients, but the rice really overpowers this link and you’re left with a somewhat “grassy” aftertaste.  Not sure if this is from the rice or the green onion – or maybe a combo of the two.

Comments:  The lack of spice in this link, is, apparently, an Avoyelles Parish thing.  We’re just going to call it the Avoyelles Parish Aversion (as in they’re averse to a little heat!).

Reviewed: March 2013