Sonnier’s Sausage & Boudin in Lake Charles, LA = A+ Rated Boudin


Sonnier’s is already VERY popular and they’ve only been open a short time.


The “S” made out of links is a great touch.

Ambiance: A small meat shop off the main drag that draws folks from all over for their homemade sausages, boudin, meats, and prepared foods. A neighborhood joint with broad appeal.

Location: 1217 Mill St., Lake Charles, LA 70601 (Phone: 337-656-2876, open 6-6 M-Sat.)



You can see that the interior of both links is similar. The smoked one is a little dryer and a little more dense. It is also packed with flavor.

Price: $3.19 (regular); $3.29 (spicy); $3.69 (smoked).

Presentation: Large links are from a packed steamer and expertly wrapped in white butcher paper.

Casing: A thin and snappy casing that breaks easily.

Meat/Rice Ratio: A perfect blending of rice and meat. Seemingly equal amounts of the two, possibly tending toward having more meat.

Texture: Fluffy and moist (not wet) with plenty of whole grains of rice.. It is a great textured filling.

Spice: Mild or Medium/Hot (They have both varieties but the “spicy” version is really on the medium/hot side and not the hot side. This is nice because sometimes “spicy” means blow-your-socks-off hot and that isn’t really necessary.)

Overall Flavor: Ambrosial. Clean and satisfying with pure rice and pork flavor: The mild is only mild on spice and not at all mild on flavor. Both versions pack big taste into the casing.

Comments: A great link. No doubt. And for something truly outstanding order a link of their smoked boudin. READ ON.


The smoked boudin takes boudin to another level.  This is among the best smoked links of boudin we’ve encountered.  I would say that it is “lightly” smoked in such as way that the smoke perfectly compliments the link.  It is still boudin, but it has so much more complexity and deliciousness.  You’ll want to bring this one home to share with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.


It is small, but this is what being a successful small businessman is all about.

Reviewed October 2010