Sunset Specialty Meats in Sunset, LA = B Rated Boudin


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Location: 818 Napoleon Ave., Sunset, LA 70584

Ambiance: A small market in Sunset. This locally owned store serves a variety of fresh meat products produced on the premises. Low shelves are stocked with a variety of canned goods and other necessities. This is a well-worn store that faces stiff competition from the likes of the big name chain stores.



Cost: $2.89 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a hefty piece of butcher paper. Get your link in the back of the store at the meat counter.

Casing: Acceptable. A little on the rubbery side.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Significantly more meat than rice.

Texture: Not wet. Not dry. Bits of rice (cut up in the processing) are few and far between. Still, it is a well blended link with a whitish color, lacking the redness of paprika. The casing is tightly packed with filling.

Spices: Hot.

Overall Taste: A good link. A noticeable liverish taste throughout. Although the link is not colored with cayenne or paprika, the heat of the filling will warm your pallet and your belly. Enjoyable and agreeable, this link is not greasy, but still packs the pork into the casing.

Comments: The links were oddly shaped and sported a whitish color to them. Their look is a little off-putting, but they make up for it with solid boudin flavor and value. It must be noted that Sunset Specialty Meats had THE BEST CRACKLINS we’ve ever tasted. They were meaty (more meat than fat/skin), perfectly seasoned, and warm.

Reviewed on 9/4/04