Teet’s Food Store of Ville Platte, LA = A Rated Boudin

We like this link for its classic recipe and their adherence to tradition.  Ville Platte is know as one of the most authentically Cajun places in Louisiana and this link is a great example that things haven’t strayed far in this little Cajun prairie community.  Teet’s is a perfect example of this town’s strong cultural roots.  They’ve been serving their family tested recipes since the mid 1950s!


Three fine links of boudin from Teet’s in Ville Platte. Hearty and full of flavor.


This link is full of rich boudiny flavor, whole grains of rice, fresh meat, bell pepper, and green onion.  It is mildly spiced but heartily laced with just the right amount of liver to pull everything together.  It is based on a recipe that remains essentially unchanged for the past two decades and it is something to truly behold.  They’ll cut the links in half for you or you can leave them intact.  The skin is pliable (perfect for squeezing into your gullet). As you sit in your car squeezing the filling from this link you’ll understand what our rich boudin culture is all about.  And, at $3.99 lb it’d be a bargain at twice-the-price!


Whole grains of rice punctuate this classic recipe boudin!

We also suggest you give the smoked sausage and the beef jerky a try.  Both are some of the best we’ve ever sampled.  And, why not?  Ville Platte is, after all, the smoked meat capital of Louisiana!


Some of the best beef jerky in all of Louisiana can be found at Teet’s in Ville Platte.

Ambiance:  What this gas station/grocery store lacks in charm it makes up for in quality, feeling, and staying true to its roots.  You’ll find a couple of generations of DeVille’s still working behind the meat counter and manning the smokers out back.

Location:  2144 W. Main Street, Ville Platte, LA 70586 – 337-363-1839  — Hours = M-Sat: 7-7; Sun: 7:30-6. Online: www.teetsfoodstore.com


Head to the back of this small store where you’ll find a meat counter stocked with smoked goodies and delicious boudin ready to be wrapped.


Teet’s Food Store and Gas Station. They also sell online.

Reviewed: October 2015