Touchet’s Specialty Meats in Breaux Bridge = A+ Rated Boudin



Location: UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. NO LONGER HOMEMADE BOUDIN (Used to be at the Silver’s Casion and Truck Stop)Touchetcracklin

Ambiance: According to this article, the specialty meat market/restaurant is a part of a casino and truck stop complex. So, if you’re a big fan of casino-gas station-mini-mart-truck stop-meat shop-restaurant combos then the ambiance will warm your soul. It is clean, airy, modern, and welcoming. The staff is friendly and the owners and other family members will be found in the back preparing boudin, cracklin, and all other varieties of moderately priced and delicious specialty meats and plate lunches. The store also sells various black-pots, fresh vegetables, and all the BBQ supplies you’ll need for a party on the levee. It feels like a stand-alone specialty meat market, even if it isn’t.



 Cost: $2.80 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of sharply cut and thick butcher paper.

Casing: Perfect. Crisp. This is what a casing should be like. Sublime.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of meat and rice.

Texture: Dryish but not pasty. A tightly packed link with all the ingredients amalgamated into a divinely united whole. Large and plump pieces of green onion dot the mixture.

Spices: Medium/Hot.

Overall Taste: Splendorous. Upon your first bite a noticeable green onion taste will greet your taste buds. Your next sensation will likely be the exquisite porky punch followed by a wonderful rice flavor. It’ll be rounded out with a nice even heat. Everything works perfectly together. This is a meaty, ricey, ideally spiced, link that packs a tremendous amount of flavor into the casing. The ingredients are pulverized, but not to the point of tarnishing the rice or pummeling the meat.

Comments: With giant letters spelling BOUDIN on their awning, Touchet’s confidence in luring you in for their concoction is well placed. Having only been open three months, Touchet’s is a relative newcomer to the boudin game and we hope they’ll be around for a good long time. A word on the cracklin: get them! They are good: Real Good! Yet another highly ranked link in the city of Breaux Bridge. We’re noticing a trend.


Reviewed on 3/20/05