White’s Specialty Meats in Abbeville = A- Rated Boudin


Whites_Boudin3  Whites_Boudin1

Location: 9407 Hwy. 167 N., Abbeville, LA

Ambiance: A tidy steel building on the highway just outside of Abbevill. Whites is easyily missed on the road if you’re not paying attention. Plenty of fresh meat is available it is the place to stop for “Hot Links” and “Cold Drinks.” Very clever. Don’t expect too much conversation early in the morning.



Price: $2.49 lb.

Presentation: The old steamer to butcher paper. It is tightly wrapped.

Casing: Snappish.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice? More rice than meat? Even? Hard to tell.

Texture: Long grains (extra long) of rice are surrounded by a delicious pulverized meat blend and the entire link is freckled with green onion and parsley. A little arid but not desiccated.

Spice: Medium

Overall Taste: Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. There is lots of rice, but the flavorful meat concoction holding the link together provides a nice combination tastes. Could use a touch of salt or other seasoning, but it is a darn good link in every respect.

Comments: A hearty link. One benefit of being a little dry is that it is not at all greasy and that makes you feel a little better about downing the entire and entirely delightful link. The cracklin were not hot and not spiced.

Reviewed on January 20, 2007